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HTML5 UI becoming default UI

By March 9, 2021Product Updates

Sendio’s new HTML5 UI will become the default UI for all Sendio systems in version 9.2.0 which begins rolling out on Monday, March 15th, 2021. This change is necessary due to major browsers no longer supporting Adobe Flash.

If you have already configured your Sendio system to use the HTML5 UI by default, there will be no impact on users or administrators as they are already experiencing the new UI.

If you are still using the Classic UI by default with your Sendio system, and your users are manually switching to the new UI, this change will eliminate the need for them to click a button to switch to the HTML5 UI.

If you have users that are still using Flash Enabled browsers, and must use the Classic UI, or choose to use the Classic UI, there is a tab in the new menu called “Classic UI” which will direct the user back to the Classic Flash UI.