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How do I setup backup using my enterprise backup server?

By March 25, 2010February 26th, 2017FAQs

Version Mar08SU 1209 and later:

Backups can be pushed to a Windows/Samba share or USB drive. Navigate to Console Interface > Backup/Maintenance and arrow down to the very bottom of the right side of interface – you will find the Backup/Restore Location. If the backups are pushed to a Windows/Samba share the enterprise backup server should be configured to backup this network location as part of the backup routine.

Versions earlier than Mar08SU 1209:

Backups can only be pulled via FTP. Please refer to the Backup & Restore Guide on the Sendio web site for more information. If your backup server (e.g. Backup Exec) has a module that supports backing up files from an FTP site, you should be able to configure it to pull the backups directly from the Sendio ESP. Otherwise, we recommend setting up a daily backup from the Sendio ESP to a pre-designated folder on one of your servers using either a scheduled batch file (e.g. using Windows Scheduled Tasks) or using an FTP program that supports scheduling such as WSFTP Professional. Once this is in place, configure your backup software to back up this folder.