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What are the benefits of enabling outbound e-mail through the Sendio ESP? What is Auto-listing?

By March 25, 2019August 12th, 2020FAQs

The main benefit of enabling outbound e-mail through the Sendio ESP is a feature we call auto-accept listing. Essentially, the Sendio ESP can “learn” about valid e-mail addresses as outbound e-mail goes through the appliance. These outbound e-mail addresses sent through the Sendio ESP will be added to the user Account Contact list, thus enacting auto-accept listing. The secondary benefit is added security as outbound e-mail would also undergo anti-virus scanning. This lowers the risk of a compromised PC inside your network from sending malicious content to customers, vendors, partners, etc. To set up the Sendio ESP to provide outbound e-mail processing navigate to Console (SSH) Interface > Network Configuration > Sender Host Addresses and enter the internal IP address of you e-mail server.